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What I’m about to say applies to anyone with a goal- fitness, finances, or otherwise, not just entrepreneurs, but I’ll use entrepreneurs as an example for now since that’s what keeps coming up in my coaching practice. ✨

Here’s what I want you to know- If you are a new entrepreneur, or even if you’ve had a business for quite awhile, it can be hard not getting sucked into the comparison game, especially here on IG with all of the beautiful, established looking accounts that seem to have it all figured out. ✨

In my coaching practice there seems to be a common thread with my clients: seeing all of these other amazing feeds on Instagram, or watching other successful people etc. and feeling not enough. ✨

One thing we must remember is that everyone starts at the beginning, everyone. The solution? The best thing you can do is put those blinders on and put 1 foot in front of the other and keep charging ahead, rather than getting caught up in what others are doing & being tempted into the comparison trap. Lift your head up to only gather inspiration, then put your head down & focus on your gifts & what you will bring to the table. ✨

You are a gift to the world. What you have to offer is amazing and unique and valuable! Just keep doing you, stay in your lane and keep moving forward. Before you know it it won’t be your beginning anymore, soon you will be in the middle as well. ✨

You can apply this mindset to any goal, not just business. This mindset has helped me personally for years & I want to help you if you need it. 🧡

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