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I’m passionate about this transformative & healing work & it is my goal to exceed my clients’ expectations whether it be in coaching, mentoring or my soulful photo sessions.

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Thank you so much Shell for your guidance

“I found it incredibly helpful to also see myself through an outside perspective of someone I trusted. ”

I chose to begin working with Shell because while I always knew I was intuitive (and sensitive!), I realized that there was a mix of skills, blockages, and yet a way to somehow navigate it all in my daily life; especially throughout my business/ practice too. 

She was able to help me navigate through some more difficult areas in my life as she helped me create awareness and more deeply trust my intuition as I came across a variety of situations. She was so supportive in the year plus we worked together.  She also helped me either pick up on or discover synchronistic moments that we would also discuss more deeply.

Thank you so much Shell for your guidance, support, breaking through blocks (and techniques I continue to use!), and the true depth of both understanding and vibration when it comes to upleveling yourself, and ultimately, your life!"



“I can honestly say working with Michelle is one of the best things I have ever done for myself 

She is just that good. She is intuitive and down to earth and asks all the questions you didn't even realize needed asking. She is an excellent listener and really helps you get to the root of your roadblocks and gives you the tools you need to move forward. When I think of my time with Shell I am thankful, grateful and happy. Thankful that our paths crossed and that I took the leap and invested in myself. Grateful that she is so much more than an exceptionally talented coach. And happy because she helped me figure out my next steps and the tools I learned will last a lifetime.”

— Janae 


“Shell is a fantastic empathic listener  

who is intent on helping you discover what paths need to be taken in order for you to step into the YOU that was always meant to be. She has this uncanny ability to establish a sense of connection with her clients, and you KNOW that this is her life's calling. I recommend Shell for any woman regardless of where they are in their journey, as she is able to meet clients WHERE THEY ARE, and facilitate powerful growth at whatever pace they need.

Choose Shell and choose amazing results!!”


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Michelle is a very effective coach in all areas of life!

“She has a strong intuitive sense of business and has helped me create easy steps to improve my confidence AND my business.”

She knows just the right questions to ask her clients in order to help them come up with their own answers and strategies, and her intuitive guidance has helped me with my relationship as well. I so appreciate all of the help she has given me, and I highly recommend her coaching services!


“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for all the wisdom and guidance!! You are truly blessed with gifts!!” ~RM  

"Michelle is amazing! During our first coaching session together, she made me feel comfortable right away and I was able to open up to her about my challenges. She supported me and provided me with a safe space to share. She gave me a boost in confidence and made me feel like I can accomplish anything! I really loved working with her and I highly recommend her if you are ready to be the best version of you!" -Amy

“Coaching with Shell is a breath of fresh air. She puts the wind in your sails. I'm so grateful I've had the opportunity to work with her.” -Jen

"You know the people who stumble by happenstance into your life yet can't imagine not having them in your life anymore?! That's Michelle. From our first discovery call, I knew she was the perfect person to move forward with. We had an immediate connection and I felt so comfortable discussing my roadblocks and goals with her and am happy to report I have had so much success and enjoyment from working with her over the last 2 months! I feel lucky to have her!" - Sasha

“Such a relief to be walking down a new path and life dream, and with Shell’s help I was able to have the confidence to do this thing!” -Kristi 

"With Shell I have experienced so much growth, most recently in the areas of personal and spiritual development as well as business. Weekly accountability check-ins helped me to stay on track to develop and implement a successful corporate program…working through some of my insecurities along the way." -Debbie 

"Shell is an amazing listener, leader, and mentor. She goes above and beyond to help others realize their potential and dreams." ~PM

“Shell you’re such a genuine and caring human being with so much wisdom to offer others, especially empaths like myself. I took away so much more & was well worth it (and chillingly spot-on). From the grounding exercise at the beginning of our sessions, to our conversation and all the wisdom you offered, you really genuinely care and made a positive impact in my life. So much love! 💕” ~C

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!!!! Thank you, Shell!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️” ~KL

“I love coaching with Shell! Her positivity and ability to relate goes beyond the skill she has to get you to realize what you really want from this life. Working with Shell gave me new found motivation to start actively working towards a better life! With Covid taking over our lives for the last couple of years I was just in survival mode and now I’m realizing my dreams again.” -M

"Shell is truLY amazing and I love each and every call we have together."~ Lori

“You know how you just "click" with some people and you feel like you've known them forever? That’s how I felt talking with Shell during our first 1 hour phone call. I felt like I was chatting with a very encouraging and wise friend who's also down to Earth. I felt welcomed, supported, understood, and empowered all at the same time. I loved the call so much, I recommended her to my best friend too! Sisters who rise together, stay together.” - Liv 

“I am forever grateful for shell’s photography mentoring. Just watching her taught me so much. We touched on everything from creating an online presence and marketing, to hands on lifestyle shoots and editing."

“5 stars!! I joined Shell’s Women’s Mastermind Group right around the time of our “lockdown” for covid19 so it was very helpful to have an opportunity to connect with these ladies who are all tackling life’s challenges and working on goals through this strange time for all of us. I really enjoyed the conversations, ideas, networking, learning relaxation techniques and the warm atmosphere of mutual support. It helped me break down my goals into smaller pieces and to be flexible and change course with great feedback. Thank you Shell for your leadership and organization of our group ”- RM

“Shell taught me how to be more comfortable behind the camera, to be organic, and of course to always think outside the box and test your creativity. I could not recommend shells mentoring more.” Danae D

“I have been blessed to not only be a client of Shells' photography (which I absolutely LOVE) but I am currently a part of her goal setting, intentions and accountability mastermind group!! I am so thankful to be a part of this. It has helped me stay accountable and get my goals done. I really enjoy the various meditations and exercises that she has shared with us. I feel like it is a safe place where I can feel supported and cheered on to achieve my big and simple goals in life. I look forward to the call every week and it has been a breeze to fit being a part of this group into my busy schedule. Thank you Shell for creating this awesome group and for allowing me to be a part of it!!” -NP

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