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...time keeps going by & Life is too darn short not to say yes to your dreams! I will hold your hand on this journey as we map out a way to create steps toward your goals & dreams, no matter how big or small, all the while connecting you to your intuition & purpose.

Here's what I know for sure...


Magnetic, confident, wise, & with ease & grace.


MY why

I am not the same person I once was.
Here is my story! 

I grew up a super sensitive, empathic kid, overwhelmed by the energy of others around me. I lacked energetic boundaries and didn’t have the knowledge or tools to help myself not feel everything and everyone (living or not). It felt like torture constantly feeling so much, I felt invaded, but assumed that is how life would have to feel for me.
As I got older and became an adult, I also struggled hard with imposter syndrome & “not enough” syndrome. I was stuck in life, lacking self confidence to even know what I wanted to do or be. My “purpose” was clouded by my inner critic telling me to play small, that others were out there doing it better than I ever could, so why try? Perhaps you relate.
I had a severe case of fear of failure, worried I would be ridiculed for putting myself out there in any way. 

Secretly, I longed for someone to discover me and give me permission to go after my dreams and show up in the world in a bigger way (not knowing that permission had to come from myself). The irony- I loved helping others feel confident, I was a natural cheerleader and problem solver- I just couldn’t do it for myself!

The years went by, and I tried to ignore the dormant dreams, getting busy with life. Until one year when my life changed and I would never be the same again…

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant and I had a series of miscarriages that left me feeling helpless. I finally got pregnant again and was into my second trimester at a party, when I discovered I was starting to have another miscarriage. This dream was suddenly taken away from me, and left me devastated. 

As I was grieving this loss of this life, I could also feel myself changing- and I didn’t like it- I could see I was at a crossroads: beginning to slip into a depression and beginning to feel resentful. I wanted to feel happy for all of my pregnant friends and family members, but I just couldn’t. I didn’t like the way I felt. And I could feel how time was passing me by. 

I had 2 choices: to sink deeper into this feeling of hopelessness & resentment, or I could choose to turn around and revisit some of those secret dreams I had laid dormant.

I chose right then and there to give birth to a new life- my life!
I wrote down all of my dreams & goals & chose one goal start with. I broke that goal into small, do-able steps and before you know it I had done it! I set to work accomplishing one dream at a time, one small step at a time. 

Within a year, I learned to surf, I created a greeting card line with my art and photography that sold in stores all across CA and around the US and was published. My blog & photography became discovered by mom’s who hired me to do their family photos and soon I had a bustling photography business that won multiple awards & I still run it today after multiple moves around the country! Now I get paid to travel with my camera all over the US and abroad, a dream I never knew was possible! 

I finally took my energetic boundaries seriously and learned all of the skills and tools to not absorb the energy around me. Now I help others do the same!

And that girl who always loved helping others with their confidence, going after their goals and dreams? 

I am a certified life coach, fully living in my purpose helping others tap into their own intuitive guidance, release imposter syndrome, and connect with their highest self, so they can show up as her and go after their dreams! 

From that tragic loss I experienced, I was given the opportunity to give birth to a new life. Now it is my passion to help others make the most of of their lives and let go of the shackles of imposter syndrome and “not enough-ness”. Life is too darn short to hide out, to live in fear of being judged, and not to go after your dreams!

I love exploring

Whether hiking in nature, discovering new beautiful places, or wandering around vibrant artist villages & cities around the world. Travel and exploration feeds my soul & inspires my creativity!


wife and animal lover. 

Nature is my medicine

Getting out in nature recharges my batteries, cleanses my energy and inspires me creatively

I see learning and growing

as a life-long adventure. 

A few things ABOUT ME

I am a Recovered Perfectionist.

I used to be paralyzed by fear of judgement & failure. My inner critic was loud and held myself back for many years of following my dreams. Now I am living my passion & help others step out of their procrastination, self doubt & overwhelm in order to go after their dreams!

A few things ABOUT ME

I am an Intuitive Empath

I can see and feel other people’s energy & I use that gift in my photography & coaching, and help other's tap into their intuitive gifts as well! I believe we are all intuitive & have the ability to tap into that gift!

A few things ABOUT ME

Nature is my Medicine

Getting out in nature recharges my batteries, cleanses my energy and inspires me creatively.

A few things ABOUT ME

I Love Exploring

Whether hiking in nature, discovering new beautiful places, or wandering around vibrant artist villages & cities around the world. Travel and exploration feeds my soul & inspires my creativity!

 I’m realizing my dreams again!

Working with Shell gave me new found motivation to start actively working towards a better life! 

Thank you so much Shell for your guidance

support, breaking through blocks , and the true depth of both understanding and vibration when it comes to upleveling yourself, and ultimately, your life!

Michelle is amazing!

I really love working with her & I highly recommend her if you are ready to be the best version of you!

step into the YOU that was always meant to be

I recommend Shell for any woman regardless of where they are in their journey.

lisa tripled her sales

She gave me a boost in confidence & made me feel like I can accomplish anything! 

suzanne had a 20k launch

 She has this uncanny ability to establish a sense of connection with her clients

I highly recommend SHELL

Choose Shell and choose amazing results!! 

Certified Life Coach.

I love that I get to teach women to see themselves with loving eyes and have more self compassion toward themselves. I combine my gifts to empower you to tap into your highest self to show up as her in your life & biz. Whether you are in front of my camera or on a coaching call with me, you will feel more confident and joyful to be yourself & be loved as your true self in the world. That is my goal for my clients.

It is such a gift to see my clients be able to see them selves in this new loving light! It is my passion to empower women to gain more confidence, clarity & self compassion, & show them it is fun!


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