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What’s your morning routine like? In my Women’s Goal/ Intention Setting & Accountability Mastermind group I lead we recently chatted about the importance of morning routines & shared what we are doing & what is working for us & how it sets the stage for our day.
It was really interesting to see how different we all are & what we need to do to feel productive & happy. ✨For me personally, one of my non-negotiable morning rituals is my morning meditation. It 100% changes my day, and those days I’ve had to skip it for whatever reason has really felt off for me. I can’t tell you how much more grounded & connected I feel to my purpose & so much gratitude I feel from this practice. Others shared how their morning routine must is their morning workout, while others shared about quiet time alone journaling the day’s intentions. 
✨Morning routines are personal & yours to create however you like to set you up for success & confidence! 
👉🏼One tip I suggest is to write it down & schedule it in your planner to help keep yourself accountable. Schedule it so you actually do it. 
For me having it scheduled makes all the difference. Question: Do@you have a morning routine? If so- what’s one non-negotiable part of your routine? 
Please share in the comments! 🙏💫
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In love & light, Shell

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