Have you been yearning for something more out of this life- more confidence, more joy, more clarity?


If time continues to slip by, but you know you want more- guess what! There are no accidents, take this as a sign, you are in the right place!  This is your time to shine in your own life, I am here to help you go after your dreams & create the life you have always wanted. Hi, I'm Shell, certified women’s empowerment coach, professional women’s portrait photographer, business mentor, author & intuitive.

Hi I'm Shell! I am passionate about helping women uncover & tap into their innate gifts they weren't even aware they had, to be able to show up authentically, more purposefully, and feel more love to live a richer, more joy-filled life they have always dreamed of! 

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You are valuable & worthy of shining your unique light in the world.

”Learn to tap into your highest self, and show up as her in your life and business. Access your unique gifts, & know your purpose so you can live a more joy-filled, richer, purpose driven life”

~ Shell


Create the life you are dreaming of!

One small step at a time, to take a deep breath of relief and realize you don’t have to go this alone. I am here to hold your hand as we identify and step towards your dreams together!

Honor your true essence and light.

Learn how to tap into your highest self

and show up as her in life and business to attract and manifest everything you have been waiting for. Learn techniques for releasing overwhelm, learn to strengthen & protect your energetic boundaries, and learn how to feel more grounded, more connected, and allow joy and peace in.

I also believe we all have intuitive & creative gifts, we just need to learn how to discover them and tap into them, I can help!  But first you need to give yourself permission- I can help you with that too!

Life is too darn short

not to say yes to your dreams!


“I can honestly say working with Michelle is one of the best things I have ever done for myself 

She is just that good. She is intuitive and down to earth and asks all the questions you didn't even realize needed asking. She is an excellent listener and really helps you get to the root of your roadblocks and gives you the tools you need to move forward. When I think of my time with Shell I am thankful, grateful and happy. Thankful that our paths crossed and that I took the leap and invested in myself. Grateful that she is so much more than an exceptionally talented coach. And happy because she helped me figure out my next steps and the tools I learned will last a lifetime.”

— Janae 

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