Your tribe is here waiting for you!

Your tribe is here waiting
for you!

Let's spend the next 6 months up-leveling your business & life with an exclusive community of high-vibe women just like you!

Are you ready to up-level
your life & biz?

Imagine having a group of high-vibe, amazing, women entrepreneurs just like you, who have your back as you take the steps to go after your dreams & rock your business! 
Imagine having women on your team as you shine your light in the world, a group who has your back, a sounding board & a place to gather more resources to create success in life & business on your terms!
Imagine having a leader & coach who has been running her own businesses for over 15 years & who is passionate about empowering you & helping you to create your own thriving business...
Look no further! Your tribe is waiting for you!

Welcome to the group that will change your business & life!

It's time to meet your business besties & make your dreams come true!

There is no better time to start than right now!

There is no better time to start than right now!

You are tired of wishing you had a thriving business & seeing all of the other successful & happy business owners out there, wondering when it's your turn!?!

You wish you had the confidence and motivation to create a thriving business on your terms that fits your active or busy lifestyle.

You feel alone & aren't sure exactly where to start to attract your ideal clients & wished you had a like-minded tribe of women you could trust as a sounding board to get feedback & resources.

You've spent $ on training, but you desire the accountability piece to really get this business going! You are ready to have fun & start creating a real business this summer & set the stage to launch by the New Year!





Do you relate?

"It's such a relief to be walking down a new path and life dream!!"

— Kristi

“With Shell’s help I was able to have the confidence to
finally do this thing!”

You are going to tell them all about it right here. But be sure and not drag on too long because, remember, this is about them. You want to share enough so they no longer feel alone, but the focus is going to be on the solution and what they can find for themselves should they invest in your services.

Remind them that
you once experienced the same thing.

And that part is coming quick, but not before we hint at the epiphany that you had. The realization you came to.

but guess what...

The Bloom & Shine Sisterhood!


Your perfect women's mastermind group with your busy lifestyle in mind!
Let's do this thing together!

Accountability| Resources| Empowerment| Inspiration| Support

Every month we will cover different topics to help you feel confident and shine in life and in business!

Success comes to those who have support. That's why we will have a private FB group to serve as a place to get additional support, inspiration, resources, a place to get feedback, and more!

Here's What's Included

With topics to help you thrive!

For extra support & more

monthly Group Zoom meetings

A Private FB Group

You will also receive:
  1. A Free Step By Step Goal Guide
  2. A Vision Board Guide
  3. A Grounding Meditation Recording
And more!

**Bonus #2: Extra Resources & tools! 

Even though this is a group program I know how valuable 1:1 coaching is! I have included a couple of private bonus 1:1 laser calls to give you even more support!

To give you an extra boost!

Bonus #1- 1:1 coaching calls with Shell


Be a part of a tribe of high-vibe, amazing women who have your back and are ready to support you! You don't have to go this alone!

How does this sound?

Learn strategies to attract
your dream clients that
make your heart happy.



the results you're going to get:

Use this group as a blueprint to help you create your own group!


Kick that imposter syndrome & self doubt to the curb and feel confident!


Create & grow an email list (newsletter) with subscribers who love to hear from you and more!


How this group Works:

Once a month we will have a group zoom call on a theme to help you feel supported, gain resources & use to give you traction in your business.

Show up to the
live calls!

Use the FB group to keep inspired, connected, to keep on track & to use as a sounding board in between classes

USe the Private
FB Group

Use the 1:1 laser calls & other bonuses to give you extra support!

Access the bonuses for success!

“Coaching with Shell is a breath of fresh air. She puts the wind in your sails. I'm so grateful I've had the opportunity to work with her.”

Jen Launched her successful biz:


“5 stars!! I was able to break down my goals into smaller pieces & to be flexible and change course with great feedback. Thank you Shell for your leadership & organization of our group. -R.M.

Robyn gained clarity & much needed support


real results

A year from now you'll wish you would have started today....

So let's get started!

“I highly recommend Shell if you are ready to be the best version of you!"

"Michelle is amazing! She made me feel comfortable right away and I was able to open up about my challenges. She supported me and provided me with a safe space to share. She gave me a boost in confidence and made me feel like I can accomplish anything! I really loved working with her." Amy 

Amy went after her dream & found success!

Yes, It Really Works

“Shell has a strong intuitive sense of business and has helped me create easy steps to improve my confidence AND my business.”

Her intuitive guidance has helped me with my relationship as well. I so appreciate all of the help she has given me, and I highly recommend her coaching services!"  -Nancy O.

Nancy improved her biz and confidence

“With Shell I have experienced so much growth!”

"Most recently in the areas of personal and spiritual development as well as business. Accountability check-ins helped me to stay on track to develop and implement a successful corporate program…working through some of my insecurities along the way." ~D.K

Deb allowed herself to bloom & shine!

Payment Plan

1 Deposit of $333

2 payments of $335

One Payment 

pay in full

*Receive a bonus 60 min 1:1 coaching call with Shell!

1 payment of $997

select the plan that works for you:

Please contact me & let me know which plan you prefer!

Both plans include: 
  • A 6 month group program
  • bonus 1:1 laser calls
  • Exclusive private FB group
  • Extra Bonuses

You deserve to create the life you envision, and your clients who are out there waiting for you, deserve your help!

It is your time to shine! 
The world needs your light!

You're in the
right place.

As a thank you for signing up early, I will include a free seat in my 21 day photo journey 

Sign up today to get a seat in my guided 21 day gratitude photo journey

Free course

Bonus 21 day gratitude photo journey with Shell

Plus Bonus #3!

“Only when we are clear on how we feel & what we want for ourselves will we be able to have the confidence & focus to take steps toward our goals & dreams”


Have knowledge & confidence to run your own group program or lead classes

Have a support system of women on your side to help you as you step out of your comfort zone & put yourself out there

Have a clear action plan for your business to help take things to the next level. 

Have more self compassion & tools to help you on days you don't feel motivated or inspired 

Create your own FB Group as a place to establish yourself as a leader, connect with potential clients & share your skills and resources

By the end of this program, you will...


Have the skills to create content to attract your ideal clients

— Lisa

“She lead our group with efficiency, encouragement & motivation, & helped me to gain a better focus on my weekly tasks while allowing me to grant myself grace.”


“A great blend of like minded women aspiring to grow & learn from one another in a mutually supportive environment.  Shell provided a safe space for us to share our goals, dreams & life challenges, & get great suggestions on how to "fine tune" our visions.”

I'm Shell!
Your biggest cheerleader & passionate group leader!

If you know me, you know it is my PASSION to help other women feel confident and empowered to follow their dreams & shine their light in the world! I love helping women find success & joy in life!

hey there!

I used to hide out, I used to play small, & wished I had a support system

I used to feel alone & wished I had a group of women I could lean on. I used struggle with my confidence, I had terrible imposter syndrome, and paralyzing perfectionism.
I never dreamt it was possible to follow my dreams of helping others, being a successful certified coach, or a professional photographer with thriving businesses.

I thought there were already so many talented women out in the world, there was no room left for me.
After a devastating miscarriage, I realized life was too short to hold back & let life pass me by any longer! 

Now on the other side of fear, having invested in years of coaching, & business programs, and with 15 years of business behind me, it is my passion to guide & help other women to find success too!

It is my purpose & passion to help you follow your purpose & passion!

This program is the only one of its kind because...

It was created with exactly you in mind

I have created a safe place for you to rest, play, connect, be inspired, be motivated, to gather resources, and to gain crucial knowledge to help you on your entrepreneur journey! This is a sisterhood that is waiting to support you, with a leader who is excited to see you take steps toward your dream!

It is a combination of motivation & self compassion to keep you going

You will have off days in your entrepreneur journey... On those days, you will need self compassion and motivation to keep going.
This group will be the perfect elixir of motivation & self care that you need to thrive!

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

It's your time to shine!
Come join us for success while having fun along the way!
Life is too dang short to waste wondering where to start!

This program includes everything you need to step into your business now, to give you support & guidance to launch you into 2023

Attracting your ideal clients

Find your biz tribe of support & knowledge

Stay in momentum

Grow your confidence to put yourself out there

Learn the behind the scenes of how to create and grow your practice

feel inspired & motivated in a group of other like-minded women

This is the year that you *finally* commit to:


Try Our Program for 15 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

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money back 


This is for you if:

You are ready to build your business & step into your success!

You prefer investing in private 1:1 coaching vs having a combo of both

You want to be a part of a group of other awesome entrepreneurial women

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO show up & DO THE WORK to take steps toward growth in yourself & your business

You value work life balance & are ready to grow your self compassion

It's probably not for you if...

You don't want to use zoom or Facebook

Let's Do This Thing!


Payment Plan

1 Deposit of $333

2 payments of $335

One Payment 

pay in full

*Receive a bonus 60 min 1:1 coaching call with Shell!

1 payment of $997

select the plan that works for you:

Please contact me & let me know which plan you prefer!

Both plans include: 
  • A 6 month group program
  • bonus 1:1 laser calls
  • Exclusive private FB group
  • Extra Bonuses

What if I miss a meeting?

All meetings will be recorded! You will have access to the replay, however we hope you show up as much as you can to recieve the most benefit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't currently have a business up and running?

No problem, this group is dedicated to women entrepreneurs at all levels. You will find inspiration & motivation & learn all of the skills to get your business up and running!

What if I am stuck, unsure of what I am doing with my business?

This could be the perfect answer for you! This group is to help inspire, motivate, empower & get your creative juices going to super charge you & your business!

I have had 1:1 coaching before, how is this different or better?

1:1 coaching is amazing! However, there is a big difference between 1:1 and group. Group coaching costs a lot less. Also, running a business can feel so isolating. You will feel more motivated, inspired and supported than trying to go at this alone. Group coaching provides a sense of community, a chance to network, a chance to build deep friendships for life! 

What are some of the topics we will learn?

Finding your ideal clients, creating the confidence to offer your services, creating your own FB community, creating your own masterclass to attract clients, lead magnets, feeling the fear & doing it anyway, and much, much more!

How is this different from other groups?

This is a special combo of awesome  ingredients: business, self growth, coaching, & tapping into your own intuitive gifts & magic!

How can I get the most of of this group?

Simply show up for yourself. Join us with an open mind, an open heart, do the work, one baby step at a time. We've got you . Let's do this!

How do I know this group will be for me?

If you want to be a part of an intimate group of high-vibe women that will support, inspire, motivate & help you in your entrepreneur journey at your pace, than you are in the right place!


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Still on the Fence?

let's do this

Simply email with any questions at all. We can set up a call to chat as well!